BPBD has its own proprietary methodology constructed with critical accelerators. This sets your business up for faster, more transparent and smarter implementations. Developed through decades of international applications implementations and program management consulting experience, the methodology is tailored to provide implementation and Application Management Services (AMS) in a transparent and agile fashion. Focusing on your requirements and business processes, BPBD brings you live on SAP Business ByDesign in the shortest possible time frame.

Implementation of SAP Business ByDesign is the start of your transformation. It will be configured to support your business processes today and to scale as your business grows and evolves.

BPBD’s accelerators, utilization of SAP Business ByDesign prescribed processes, process documentation, reviews and training are the corner stones in our powerful delivery. Once SAP Business ByDesign is setup and configured, BPBD will continue with the process reviews and trainings as two separate and parallel tracks. By separating these activities into two tracks, the client’s key users will be able to better concentrate on the new software.

These hands-on process reviews facilitate the adoption and modification of processes to support your team in the operation of your business and accelerate the learning process. By focusing on business process adaptation, the implementation environment becomes agile. Fewer iterations are needed to understand and adopt the company business processes as they are executed in SAP Business ByDesign.


We employ an agile approach to the implementation of the application, however we have a more traditional approach to development of new functionality and integrations. BPBD is dedicated to working with your team to clearly understand and capture critical requirements. We perform the necessary feasibility analysis, and present you and your team with a functional design that can be directly mapped to your business requirements. This serves as our roadmap for development and end-to-end certification of the developed functionality.


While BPBD is focused on business processes, our methodology is designed to plan and execute the implementation in a transparent way providing all stakeholders with full visibility to the status and progress of the implementation. This includes visibility into upcoming activities and expected deliverables with clear and accountable assignments for execution.

We carefully execute each of the three phases of the implementation with strict guidelines and multiple checkpoints to ensure success:

  • Prepare
  • Define Solution
  • Go-Live

The acceptance checkpoints are conducted at critical junctures in the project and are designed to facilitate executive alignment, assess progress throughout the project, and identify issues and concerns early. It is a proactive approach to ensure challenges are resolved before your schedule or budget are impacted.


Why wait until there is an issue or something is broken to call your partner? That is the paradigm behind “Support”.

BPBD is there – not only when there’s a fix required, but for ongoing needs as your business expands, divests and/or adds new business lines.

Throughout the year SAP Business ByDesign upgrades are released. BPBD will help your business adopt new functionality to further enhance the application foundation for your business processes.